Homeopathy 101 with Dr. Sowmya Sridharan

Dr. Sowmya Sridharan returns to Health Conspiracy Radio t0 give us a preview of what you can expect at her upcoming talk “Homeopathy:  A Gimmick or the Real Deal” this Saturday at the Naturally Organic Healing Center.  Dr. Sowmya and Nick discuss:

 -the difference between a homeopathic doctor and holistic practitioner
-the bodies energy
-treating the body as a whole
-homeopathy versus western medicine
-how research journals publish results
-medicine as chemicals versus herbs
-why the body depends on medicine
-herbal medicine versus homeopathic medicine
-how immune systems shut down
-balancing the bodies energy
-treating beyond what the eye can see
-do family doctors exist anymore?
-disconnection when seeing multiple doctors
-energy through food
-why we crave sweet
-cost of homeopathic treatment
-what pain is to the body

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